For more information on the submission process, from choosing a category, to creating your entry and making sure you know exactly what to include to give you the best possible chance of success, download the Call for Entries document here.

1. Best International Payments, Remittance or use of FX

2. Best Consumer Funded Payments Programme

3. Best Financial Inclusion Payments Programme

4. Best Corporate/Government Funded Payments Programme for consumers

5. Best B2B Payments Programme

6. Best Banking Initiative

7. Best Collaboration Initiative

8. Best Use of Payments Data

9. Most Innovative Mobile or Proximity Payment Solution

10. Most Innovative Retailer Implementation of Emerging Payments

11. Best PSP or Acquiring Solution Provider

12. Best Back Office Innovation

13. Best Customer Facing Experience

14. Marketing Campaign of the Year

15. Best Professional Service Organisation supporting Emerging Payments

16. Best Technical Service Organisation supporting Emerging Payments

17. Leading Payments Start-Up

18. Leading Emerging Payments Organisation

19. Best CSR or Charity Initiative

20. Emerging Payments Industry Contributor of the Year