Best Gift/Incentive Card or Programme

Vodafone Wallet
Loyalty & Offers

Best Consumer Loaded Payments Programme

Monese and Contis Group
Branchless, Mobile Banking

Best Corporate/Government Loaded Payments Programme

Vodafone m-pesa India
Government Disbursal Program

Best Physical or Virtual Design

The world’s first contactless payment ring

Best Consumer Banking Initiative

Türk Ekonomi Bankası

Best Online Payments Solution

Enabling Instant Access to the Digital Economy

Best Proximity or Contactless Payment Solution

Vodafone Wallet
Add any bank card

Best Payment Wallet Initiative

Vodafone m-pesa India
Mobile Wallet

Best New Customer Facing Innovation

Revolut and Global Processing Services

Best New Back Office Innovation

Saxo Payments Banking Circle

Best Gateway, PSP, Acquiring Solution Provider

“Deconstructing One-Size-Fits-All Acquiring & Payments”

Best Retailer Adoption of Emerging Payments Technology

Qkr! in partnership with Wagamama

Emerging Payments Marketing Campaign of the Year

Realex FinAppsParty
Coding the Future of Fintech

Best Service Organisation supporting the Payments Industry

Saxo Payments Banking Circle

Leading Prepaid Organisation

Wirecard Card Solutions

Leading Emerging Payments Organisation

Global Processing Services

Leading Start-Up

Curve issued by Wirecard Card Solutions
Highly Commended: Saxo Payments

Emerging Payments Entrepreneur of the Year

Anders la Cour
Saxo Payments

Best CSR or Charity Initiative 2016

Bacs Charity Initiative
Direct Debit sign-up

Industry Contributor of the Year

Raphaels Bank Payment Services Team